“Supratik has always been the most honest, sincere, and selfless human being I have ever encountered. Not to mention, he always knows how to put a smile on my face and I am very grateful that he is in my life.

I can’t wait until the wedding and I am so excited to celebrate with everyone! We hope you can rejoice with us as we set sail on this amazing journey!”



“Ambika is the kindest and most caring person I know who is absolutely gorgeous on the inside and outside.  I am so fortunate to have the chance to share my life with her.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in February.  It will be wonderful to have old friends and new friends coming together to join us on our special day.”


(Please respond by 01/21/15)


The deadline to RSVP for this wedding has passed, please contact the bride and groom to see if there is still a seat for you.


Please email if you have issues with RSVP system.

Details about our Wedding

We hope all of our beloved guests are able to make it to this joyous event.

On this page you will find all of the information regarding events, lodging, and more about the couple.


gatheratchurch10:30AM 02/21/15
Baraat Procession
dancingbegins11:00 AM 02/21/15
Milani Ceremony
idometoo11:30 AM 02/21/15
Wedding Ceremony
cocktailhour6:00 PM 02/21/15
Cocktail Hours
toastandcakecutting7:00 PM 02/21/15


Rosewood Crescent Hotel

400 Crescent Court Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 871-3200

Group: Singh Moulik Wedding

Rate: $235/night

Group Rate Deadline: n/a

For Group Rate Reservations Call 888-767-3966 (888 ROSEWOOD) 

HYATT house Dallas/Uptown

2914 Harry Hines Boulevard Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 965-9990

Group: Singh Moulik Wedding

Rate: $119/night for the studio. $129/night for the double

Group Rate Deadline: January 22, 2015

click here to book group rate

Hotel ZaZa

2332 Leonard Street Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 468-8399

W Dallas – Victory

2440 Victory Park Lane Dallas, TX 75219

(214) 397-4100

Our Story

The Early Years

Once upon a time there lived a young girl named Ambika who grew up in a small town with her parents and sister who loved her very much.  But Ambika wanted to be a pharmacist, and so she traveled all the way to Austin and then San Antonio to fulfill her dream.   Little did she know that life had also taken a young boy named Supratik to the exact same place to study to be a doctor.  Though the two of them lived and worked so close to each other, it was a friend named Lynn Tieu who brought the two of them together.  to the exact same place to study to be a doctor.  Though the two of them lived and worked so close to each other, it was a friend named Lynn Tieu who brought the two of them together.   Starbucks_Meeting It was a cool March Evening in San Antonio when Supratik met Ambika at a Starbucks near the University Hospital.  They had frozen yogurt, walked around Borders, and talked for hours… they knew right away that this was going to be something special.

The Story Unfolds

Supratik and Ambika loved to frolick and play, but alas Supratik had to leave soon for a land far away known as Columbus Ohio.  Even though he left, he never forgot about Ambika and he would write her a letter every week.  Ambika missed Supratik too and often braved the cold and snow to see him. DSC00029_edge   But alas, the distance grew to be too much for them.  When Supratik moved to Philadelphia, they went their separate ways.  But fear not, our journey does not end there… like all great stories, the second act leaves our heroes’ fate uncertain.

Ever After

We catch up with Supratik and Ambika couple of years later when a chance encounter brought them back into each others lives.  Nervous energy abounds as they share sushi at a restaurant in the very hotel where they would be married a little over a year later.  Neither of them knew at the time that they were starting the third act of their story; they only knew that their time apart had brought them closer together.  When you sprinkle in a little luck and a lot of late night driving, they rediscovered what had almost been lost. cartoon  That brings us to today.. or more appropriately 02/21/15, the day their separate journeys end and their journey together begins. Stay tuned, because the best part of this story is yet to be written…

A Tale of Two Families



Raghu Naath Singh

Her Father
“Ambika has always made me smile and is the light of my life.  Supratik has added another dimension to our family… a dimension of creativity and a sense of humor.”

Shakuntla Singh

Her Mother
“I may have my body, but Ambika is my soul.  I’m glad she and Supratik found each other.”

Monica Singh

Her Sister
“Ambika is an amazing big sister.  I love her to pieces.  Bika and Soup are both adventurous and full of life, a truly beautiful couple.”

Neil Bhagia

Her brother-in-law
“Ambika does everything for Jahnav, hopefully Supratik will do that for her.”

Jahnav Bhagia

Her nephew
“Bika-mausi takes really good care of me and I love her very much.”



Pratik Kumar Moulik

His Father
“We are delighted that Supratik and Ambika decided to tie the knot. With our best wishes!”

Sanhita Moulik

His Mother
“My baby is getting married.  I am very happy about it.”

Sanghamitra Moulik Misra

His Sister
“I am the luckiest person in the world to have Supratik/Chotu as my baby brother.  He was a curious child who has grown into a brilliant and compassionate person!”

Amit Misra

His brother-in-law
“We are so excited that Ambi is joining our little family.”

Veeru Misra

His older nephew
“Mamu being somewhere means that there is going to be a party! He is an upbeat, nice, and funny fella who is ready to help you.”

Leelu Misra

His niece
“I am glad he is our Mamu.”

Jeevu Misra

His younger nephew
“My mamu…”

Engagement Cermony

November 8, 2014

Sugar Creek Country Club

Sugar Land, TX

No Boxed Gifts Please

We love you all deeply, and are so blessed that you want to honor us with your presence as we start our new life together.

We kindly ask that you not bring a boxed gift.

Guest Book

So happy for you guys!  Congrats!
Sorry we could not be there. We know you guys will have a wonderful wedding and the honeymoon sounds awesome.  Sup, please come back soon to Mem City.
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!!
A huge congratulations to the both of you! Ambika is one of my favorite people and is like a sister to me, so I’m so excited to have a chance to celebrate as she begins this part of her life with Supratik! 
cant wait to celebrate!
What a beautiful fairy tale it really has turned into!  Thanks for including me in your happy thoughts.  I am so excited for you both and I can’t wait for the celebration in February!
We are looking forward to the big day